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About Neurology Clinic and Associates

We understand that dealing with neurological issues can be a life-altering event. At Neurology Clinic & Associates, we make your healthcare our number one priority.  From our highly-trained staff, to the ease of booking appointments, we strive to make sure your healthcare needs are met.  Our staff are consistently researching and learning new neurological advances in order to offer our patients the most up-to-date treatment available.  

Coming Soon........Infusion Therapy!

We are proud to announce that we will be offering infusion therapy in-office for our patients. No more driving out-of-town to infusion centers that don't provide the care or expertise you've become accustomed to at Neurology Clinic & Associates. Call our office for details.


Telemedicine Appointments

Neurology Clinic & Associates is now offering telemedicine appointments!

For many of our patients the safest way to have their follow-ups is through a Telemedicine appointment.  You can avoid the drive and waiting room, and most insurances, including Medicare, will cover your telemedicine appointment. All that is required is a smartphone, laptop, PC or IPad. You will get the same excellent care and service you have come to expect from Neurology Clinic & Associates.

To set up a telemedicine appointment, simply call our office at (615) 809-2433 and our staff will happily walk you through the easy process.




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Peripheral Neuropathy

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