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-Keva L.

Dr. Efobi has been my neurologist for about 15 years now. She is one of the best Dr's that I have ever come in contact with. I have seen a number of other neurologist with similar attributes but just didn't cut it. I know the illness that I have to live with is chronic with no cure and therefore I had to do some extensive homework to find a good doctor. I became her patient when she was located in Nashville at the Southern Hills medical plaza. Soon after becoming her patient, she relocated her office to Lebanon and I followed her. It was quite a drive from my location to her new office but me and my family knew that it was well worth it. I've referred her to numerous family & friends and the "Blessings & Thank you's", that I have received from those individual's are PRICELESS! She is very knowledgeable, thorough, patient, attentive, and understandable. During my years of dealing with my illnesses, I have smiled, laughed and shed many of tears with her. She's ALWAYS been there to educate, comfort and support me by providing me with an abundance of knowledge surrounding many issues that I've dealt with throughout the years! There is nothing that I can't talk to her about, I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Prior to me recommending her to anyone, I faithfully give my disclosure, I'm not saying she's the best, but what I am saying is that she's BETTER than the BEST! I know that I'm BLESSED to have found a doctor that looks at me as a person and not just another patient and I'm willing to share her! I can't say enough about Dr. Efobi but, I do know that good doctors are hard to come by and now that I've found one of the GREATEST, I would recommend her to the world!

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